Wots all dis
'fakie ollie'
bidness bled?

Weeks 6 & 7 challenges

Tailblock, bodyvarial to seatbelt noseblock - 25 pts

Powerslide under something - 15pts

Festive spirit challenge; Decorate your board with Christmas decorations, and do a trick on it - 10pts (bonus 5pts for using christmas lights… whilst they’re on)

Dark-sweeper (darkside sweeper - the board has to be caught upside down and you flip it over as you’re jumping back onto it) - 20pts

540 hippy jump - 15pts

Casperslide - 10pts

8 different 180 variations in a run - 20 pts

Fingerflip - 15pts

Melly Chlistmas!

NOTHING to do with Hibernate, but you guys have to see this kill i got in blops earlier!


So, I think this whole ‘switchnollie’ thing has run its course. It was never going to be a big thing, and the jokes run long enough.

I’ll be posting at aaaaandy.tumblr.com from now on :)

Hibernate Skate

I announced that I was planning something to keep the winter scene alive in Cov over the next few months…

Please see; http://hibernateskate.tumblr.com/ for details.

Kick off is November the 1st.

Get all entries in ASAP :)

It appears

that winter weather is upon us.

This means that the skate scene has its annual lull, and everyone kindof gets a bit down about it.

I’m in the process of organising something which will hopefully warm up the scene, and hopefully keep the next few months bearable… More news to follow at a later date :D


Holy shit.

01:26, 01:50 and the ender are RIDICUSTUPID!

Gotta love FORUM snow.

More Skateboarding Videos

Andy Scott is Reppin Superdead yo! This means that Death can FINALLY sponsor me…


DJ, repping his custom moves. I hear that Xzibit put too much flip in DJ’s flips, so that when he flips, the board dont flip like it should flip.